Aptech SX-C3131 ARGB Gaming Casing


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Structure: 320*180*410mm(L*W*H)
Case size: 350*180*420mm
Package size: 457*227*410MM
0.45mm black chassis


Aptech SX-C3131 ARGB Gaming Casing
Aptech Sx-c313 RGB Gaming Casing. The structure of Sx-c3131 is 320*180*410mm(L*W*H) with casing size of 350*180*420mm(L*H*W) with 0.45mm black chassis. Package size of 457*227*410MM. This Sx-c3131 Support ATX PSU Top Placed. Black panel and Rainbow LED Strip and Mesh. This Sx-c3131Casing support placed 1*odd,1*HDD,2*SSD. Left side tempered glass 4pcs screw and Poly foam, and the Right Side Panel Metal Panel. This casing support 1*USB3.0+2*USB1.0+HD Audio. This casing support ATX/MATX/MINI ITX motherboard and also support ATX PSU Top placed.