Aptech AP 320-1 RGB Gaming Casing


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Structure: 320*180*410mm
Case Size: 350*180*420mm
Left side panel Tempered glass,
Right Side panel Metal panel.


Aptech AP 320-1 RGB Gaming Casing
The Aptech AP320-1 RGB case is a new type of gaming case which can be operated in RGB lighting mode. It is a 360° lighting case which can be used for any type of games. It includes a RGB LED, a charging port, and a micro USB port. It can be charged by a USB cable, and there is a power switch on the back of the case. It comes with a pair of ear bud headphones and a USB cable. The case features the world’s first RF RGB LED and has the largest number of color choices available. AP320-1 RGB is the latest in RGB gaming casings. AP320-1 RGB features with a metal side panel and tempered glass on the left side panel. It is the first RGB gaming casing that uses a metal panel. AP320-1 RGB has a great design that allows gamers to customize their RGB lighting with a free RGB controller and compatible software.

AP320-1 Gaming Casing Feature
Aptech AP320-1 RGB gaming casing is an RGB gaming case that is specifically designed for online support for the latest generation of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.
This Aptech RGB case provide a perfect environment for gaming on the go. The RGB case is equipped with a front bezel, side panel, and a top panel. The front bezel features a large RGB logo, and the side panel is divided into two sections, left and right.